A small studio for software systems and website design based in southeast Michigan

How can we help?

We make software and websites that help you. We work with you, figure out your exact needs, and find the simplest but effective solution for you. It takes time and communication to come to a good solution.

Previous Work

Our Tech

Our websites are responsive, work on all devices and major browsers, and can be integrated with your pre-existing content. They are built with Next.js (React) using Typescript.

We write custom software to take payment over the internet, to integrate your data from Airtable or Google Sheets, for automated transactional email. We work with many technologies including Javascript, HTML, CSS, Linux, Email, React, Nextjs, AWS, Typescript, Python, XML, Shell scripts, Debian, ...

We also provide recurring services like website hosting through Vercel or AWS, custom email hosting through Zoho, domain management, analytics, and custom monitoring.


Email samanthaf@freespace.dev

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